Thursday, March 24, 2011

utopia, bad ass, and the omen

Utopia was originally built by Marty Sooby. I have some pictures of it in 83 when it was just a bolt on truck all the way to it being full custom. Marty sold it to a guy named Kim, later it caught on fire and marty restored it. Today it has a 502 engine in it. Utopia also looks a lot like the van The Omen built by someone else. I don't know why they are so similar but they are. Marty also built a short chevy called Bad Ass that looks similar to utopia. Cool style he has. chopped, tilt front, big flares, sealed back, gullwings, shaved drip rails. I dig it. Side note: I borrowed a few pictures from marty's web page Gotta let ya know!

Bad Ass with utopia in the back ground.

The Omen. Again built by someone else but the two are very similar and emerged at similar times. I'd like to know the whole story on that.


  1. My friend owns this van now it has spent many years here in carpinteria,ca it is now in downtown L.A. it needs a ton of TLC it is white with green scallops now if you would like more info on it i will ask my friend if he is willing to shoot the breeze if you'd like. he is the 3rd person to own Omen since it came to Carpinteria. Hope this helps