Saturday, March 19, 2011

Polished TH 350 continued

So I spent basically another day on this polish transmission. I have two pictures to show the outcome. The polished trans which I'm very happy with and what I looked like after 4 hours of polishing. I look kind of like those old hobo statues you see in trinket shops. Not bad for home grown. More van stuff tomorrow. my buddy john is buying a 67 ford supervan tomorrow so expect pics of that.

side note: my camera is broken. anybody tryin to unload a digital camera for a good price? el cheapo point and shoot is right up my alley. somethin I can beat up in the garage. let me know.


  1. Shit man, that's sick!

    I've got a set of kidney bean slots that need polished..... maybe I'll ship them to you... haha...........

    Nice work!

  2. Thanks man, It came out much better than I ever imagined. Fuckin thing looks like chrome. I'm super excited even though it's not for my van haha.