Sunday, March 13, 2011

Trip to coop's

I went to coop's house yesterday to pick up some doors for an early dodge he's working on. He took a long wheel base dodge and shortened it. So now he needs an irregular sized door for the side and I'm going to make it out of fiberglass for him while at the same time making molds for fiberglass early dodge doors. Coop has 3 full custom vans, and 2 in the works. Those two being the early dodge and his new astro. Ok on with the pics.

here's the stance the van has with a flipped axle and both of the front spring shackles mounted in the frame. When the engine goes in this should have a nice rake.
the flying eagle just chillin.
the chopped astro, and the barnstormer behind it.
all vans.
if you're not familiar with coop here is some of his striping and painting on the gas tank of his fink chopper, and he made that gas cap too.


  1. That Coop is something else!! Love the little early, can't wait to see how it looks finished up. Thanks for sharing Match!

  2. yeah It's gonna be a pretty cool van for sure, but I'm curious to see what happens when he hits the brakes. haha. might flip. who knows.