Saturday, March 12, 2011

Custom Primer

One of my favorite things to do when someone's van is in primer is try a few ideas on paint schemes. Sure it's easy to do this on a flat panel laying around the garage but I prefer it on the whole canvas. Here it is on my old chevy



  1. very rad paintjob man! I been trying to find someone in Massachusetts fit to get creative on my Van. Not many painters out here that I can find. Anyways awesome stuff, keep up the sick work.

  2. thanks man! If you can't find someone you trust up there to paint it you could just do it yourself.

  3. yeah I was thinking of trying to attemp to paint it myself. Just tough coming up with a design is tough. I really dig the design of the DICE van a lot. I'm new to Vannin so always looking for knowledge and advice. Whats the process of laying down the design? I see you have tape and paper layed out. are you a member on this is me on there:

    sorry for all the questions. keep up the rad work man!