Monday, March 21, 2011

alex and his rig

bluegrass vanners member alex drives a 79 chevy that he calls "frankenstein 79". Alex lives in his own world and doesn't give a fuck what other people think about that. Having known him a few years I can vouch for that. His van has a 350 V8 sporting open headers and no engine cover. We also swapped his van from an auto trans to a 3 speed on the floor with an old hurst shifter. Alex has a hood scoop that I made for him and swapped back to a 77 style grill and round headlights. The front bumper is gone. The interior is pretty bare featuring a malibu bench seat in the back, two tires for storage of his classic punk tapes, and a place to put his tape player. Up front he has a rat fink t shirt over his seat, a pbr can and a rat fink statue held in place by loose wires from inside the dash. He has no working gauges, and barely has head and tail lights. He was once pulled over by kentucky's finest and the ticket at the bottom said "A nuisance to the road". Alex takes that as a compliment. He probably wouldn't want me to post his van but fuck it, he's rad so here it is.

bumper sticker reads "BAN GUNS make the streets safe for a government take over"

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