Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Louvered hoods

Ever wonder how louvered hoods are made? You strip the paint off the top, cut the inside support out of your hood, make a grid, and then you stamp it out on the louver press, then weld the inner support back in and paint it. That's it. A friend of mine ordered a chevy hood from me so we went down to my buddy Brad Starks In Paducah, KY and asked him to punch it out.

the press has a piece on the stamping die that lines each louver up with the last one that you punched giving you a consistent line of louvers. That first punch is crucial!


  1. Fuck! That's rad! I almost wish I didn't have a scoop.... that looks just right!

  2. yeah it's a really tough call man, scoops or louvers. they're both so bitchin in their own right. hard to say. I guess buy both and swap em out now and again? hahaha.