Sunday, January 23, 2011

Gutteral and fired up!!!

So i gutted all the junk wiring out of the van today and wired up the solenoid to this old battery i had laying around.. Then wired up the starter. I used the push button switch my dad has as the ignition switch. It had an electronic fuel pump on it, i didn't know if the mechanical one worked or not so i hooked the electric fuel pump back up, then i pulled the 1st plug and turned it over real quick to make sure it had spark and it did. I filled the old rusty radiator up with water which i was surprised didn't leak, the van had oil in it and it looked good so i left it alone, i sprayed some gas in the carb a few times and turned it over and it started for a second, so i was stoked!! then i made this elaborate pepsi 2 liter bottle as an I.V. to the fuel line the electronic fuel pump worked like a dream and it fired up after some coughs and chokes but all in all the motor sounded perfect no smoke, pings or knocks but the carb leaked really bad Thats an easy fix!! i'll be rewiring the whole van soon and getting the correct battery so i can get it on the road for a while


  1. alligator clips and push button switches are god!!

  2. awesome man congrats ......i wish it was 12 degrees here in nyc to cold in shop to work on mine this week......

  3. Yea i hate california but the weather keeps me here for sure...thanks man!!