Sunday, January 23, 2011

more about my van!

sooo.... my van is an old pacific bell work van. meaning IT IS WORKED! its pretty rusted, and dented and on its last leg. at least it was. now its running like a champ, and is slowly starting to look like a beautiful molester mobile. so this van is called a display van. theyre slightly rare. the big window behind the passengers side barn doors, and the no windows on those same barn doors make it a display van. anyway. yeah. its a slant six with a one barrel carb, but im getting everything together to do the super six upgrade. going to drop the front and get some side pipes. and with the orange shag rug ill have this week.... its going to rule.


  1. I dig it!

    Can't wait to see the shag carpet.....

    I'm trying like hell to get the outside of mine sorted so I can get the inside done.....

  2. totally. i went the opposite route and i wish i would have done it the way youre doing it cause now i have to take it all out! ill post some pics of the boxes i made tonight for over the fenders. wrapped in linoleum flooring!