Saturday, January 22, 2011


so, ive been asked to join the family. and before we caravan up to ceilo drive to visit our favorite actress and coffee heir, id like to show you my van! its in the works but this is what i have now.



  1. Fuck yeah, man! Welcome aboard.... I need to see more of those windows..... are there 4? Those are rad as fuck!

  2. thanks dude! ive never seen another van with them, which makes me a happy happy. but no, my vans actually an old pacific bell work van, its called a display van, so theres a long window on the other side and no windows on the barn doors behind the passengers seat. ill post another pic! its rusted to shit tho, im going to paint by march. cant wait to party with you guys like its 1975!

  3. i dig the shit out of that panneling!